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The Fuzz Speech

The Fuzz Speech

"Fuzz" is a term made up by Dr. Gil Hedley, PhD.  In Dr. Hedley's exploration, he has discovered some fascinating things about our bodies, including the fact that we often get all fuzzed-up. Fuzz is a kind of filmy fascia that occurs daily all over our bodies; it looks like wispy cotton candy. Normally, each day's fuzz is broken by moving our bodies but sometimes, when we don't move, fuzz can start to build up. Over time, the fuzz fibers start to "intertwine and intertangle" and an adhesion occurs between the normally sliding surfaces of the body. We become "fuzzed-over" and stiffen up. 

When we feel stiff and inflexible, we often assuming that what is restricting us is our muscles: they have become short and stiff. Sometimes this is true, but often the cause of lack of mobility is found in our connective tissues. As Dr. Hedley explains, it is because we have allowed fuzz to accumulate.

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